Rotarians in District had an opportunity of contributing additional funds to HRYF through the Together We Give Thanks, in recognition of Foodland's 75 years of providing quality service and  products at affordable prices.
What is Together We Give Thanks?  It was a special program for community organizations to participate in, providing an additional way to receive additional contributions, with matching funds from Foodland.
From Foodland’s Instagram post. “In honor of our founders’ spirit of giving back to the community, we partnered with six Hawaii non-profit organizations during the months of June, July and August to help provide for those in need. Through Together We Give, we raised over $380,000. Mahalo to all our amazing customers for your generosity!”
During the month of July, in celebration of Foodland’s 75 years of providing our communities, throughout the State of Hawaii with quality products at reasonable prices, Foodland instituted a special “Together We give Thanks" program. One of the main reasons for this program was to give thanks to our communities and organizations that gave so much back to the community,  such as the Hawaii Rotary Youth Foundation.  
Those organizations that had a special connection to Sully Sullivan and Foodland were selected to participate.
You all did it again!  You contributed $11,243.00, which was matched by Foodland's $10,828,57, for a total of $22,071.57! We, the HRYF Board, are so very thankful of our District 5000 Rotarians and their BIG hearts!  When we think we are beyond being amazed, you astound us by passing all expectations, and amazed us beyond all expectations.